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Current Issue

Volume 01 - Issue 01 - Year 2021

F. S. Mehta



Current Issue Highlights


Introduction of Journal of Association for Medical Updates – F. S. Mehta


Accurate LAMP-Enabled Rapid Test (ALERT) for COVID-19 detection: a need of the hour – Anita Sharma, Puran Parihar, Arvind Nanera, Sumeru Samanta, Neha Sharma, Sohil Takodara


Effectiveness of problem-based learning in interns’sensitization program on ethics empathy in doctor-patients relationship – Jitendra Jeenger, Jatin Anand

Predictive importance of dyslipidemia in diabetic retinopathy – Nutan Bedi, Dhaval N Doshi

A randomised double blind active controlled study for comparison of intralesional MMR versus intralesional Vitamin D3 in the management of cutaneous warts – Jikisha Jain, Kriti Maheshwari, Amandeep Saluja, Kapil Vyas, Kalpana Gupta

Ethical and Professional Dilemmas of Health Care Workers in COVID19 pandemic – Tanuj Sharma, Medha Mathur, Simran Jiwani, Navgeet Mathur, Pranati Vyas, Anjana Verma, Ashish Patyal

Association between generalized anxiety disorder, serum TSH and cortisol level – Mohammed Nadeem, Ritu Sharma, Shravan Meena


Diagnosis of sagittal venous thrombosis on autopsy by forensic expert: a rare case report – Harish Kumar Agarwal, Ankur P Patel

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