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Diagnosis of sagittal venous thrombosis on autopsy by forensic expert: a rare case report

Harish Kumar Agarwal
Department of Forensic Medicine, Maharaja Agrasen Medical College, Agroha, Hisar (Haryana)

Ankur P Patel
Department of Forensic Medicine, Government Medical College, Surat (Gujarat)

Cerebral venous sinus thrombosis (CVST) is a rare disease with occasional fatal outcomes. Superior sagittal sinus (SSS) thrombosis comprises nearly 70%-80% of all CVST cases. Pregnancy and puerperium are known risk factors for CVST. We report the case of a 25year old female patient who developed SSS thrombosis after a normal vaginal delivery. She presented with complaints of headache and vomiting. The relatives of the patient made allegations of head injury incurred from assault in-laws about one week ago followed by suspicion of ingestion of a poisonous substance. Radio imaging revealed gross hemorrhage in the brain and sudden death after admission made the manner of death suspicious. Correlation of clinical history, autopsy examination, pathological findings, and viscera report was helpful to reach the most accurate cause and manner of death. This case is an effort to reinforce the importance of interpretation and analysis of medical findings to aid the legal system.

Key Words: Cerebral venous sinus thrombosis, Superior sagittal sinus thrombosis, Autopsy examination, Forensic Medicine

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